Integrated Asset Modelling Study

iProdTech were requested to develop an integrated asset model for an onshore asset in Nigeria with 40+ wells and reservoirs. For each reservoir, the following steps were undertaken:

  • The development and calibration of a reservoir fluid property model. Black oil fluid property models were used for the oil reservoirs and compositional equation of state (EoS) models for the gas condensate reservoirs.
  • The building and history matching of a reservoir material balance model, calibrated to the available reservoir pressure history.
  • The building and calibrating of the associated well models, matched to the historical well test data. Analysis of the skin trends and the generation of well operating envelopes was also undertaken at this stage.

Pipeline network with well routing options were added. The fully integrated production system model was constructed and validated. The model included the reservoir tank models, the well performance models and the gathering system pipelines and facilities.

Based on the integrated asset modelling study, the total well potentials were determined through evaluation of well intervention/re-activation, debottlenecking (including bean up, well rerouting & flowline changes), gas lift optimisation and stimulation opportunities.