Workover Candidate Selection for a Subsea Gas Field

iProdTech has been requested by a Global E&P company to conduct a study for workover candidate selection for an offshore gas field.

The objectives of this study are to:

– Conduct industry literature review for following activities with particular focus on remedial treatments / workover in high rate gas, subsea development wells with gravel pack (both open and cased hole) completions:

  • Acid stimulation
  • Remedial sand control e.g. ceramic screens, thru tubing screen deployment, chemical consolidation
  • Water shut off e.g. relative permeability modifiers, straddle packers, other chemical or mechanical methods
  • Other monitoring and / or intervention technology, for example PLTs, cased hole gravel pack / gas well monitoring, fibre optic DTS, etc

– Conduct high level screening of all the existing wells in the field and shortlist candidates for well intervention based on high level ranking of additional potential volumes/production

– Examine intervention methods to realise the additional potential in the shortlisted candidates

– Recommend steps for intervention operations for the selected candidates