Production Technology Support for a Gas Field Development

iProdTech has been requested to provide production technology support to a field development study for a gas field in New Zealand with specific focus on exploring alternative well design concepts for the field as in view of the reservoir variability, it is anticipated that ‘one size does not fit all’.

The project involves

  • Review of existing development plans, identification of gaps, if any and recommend optimum well design (s) for future development
  • Review of sandface completion options along with stimulation design for low to mid perm gas reservoirs inc. high angle wells vs. fracturing, multi-stage fracturing, etc.
  • Review of existing well tests, core and petrophysical data, determination of mechanical and non-Darcy skin effects for stimulation and sandface completions
  • PVT issues review (e.g. ensure consistent CGR, density variations for modelling) presence of CO2, H2S, inerts, etc and potential impact on gas sales or processing requirements
  • Corrosion and metallurgy assessment, erosion modelling
  • Upper completion/tubing size sensitivity analysis including big bore completions, liquid lifting, etc.
  • Temperature modelling (subsea / flowline and process arrival temperatures)
  • Reservoir management issues (DH gauge technology, intervention strategy, etc)
  • New technology feasibility and alternative well / completion design concepts e.g. multi-laterals, intelligent wells, etc.