Multizone Conceptual Completion Design Support

iProdTech were requested for production technology support to evaluate conceptual completion designs for multi-zone stacked reservoirs for a gas/condensate field in Nigeria. The work is intended to feed into various dynamic modelling scenarios related to reservoir offtake/development strategy (single zone or commingled flow), requirement for downhole flow control, and optimising liquid (oil and condensate) rates.

The scope of work included –

  • Review of analogue / offset field completion strategies.
  • Development of matrix of available completion concepts including conventional single zone, multizone no active flow control, multizone active flow control, and optimised oil/condensate cases.
  • High level documentation of each concept including description of concept, potential benefits, risks and complexity, Niger Delta examples (where available) and incremental high level costs. Consideration to be given to upper completion / tubing size and any other well constraints.
  • Development of logic / workflow for implementing various offtake scenarios and oil development concepts into the well / reservoir sequence within dynamic model.