Petroleum Engineering Support for an Offshore Field Development

iProdTech have been requested by a major oil and gas operator to provide Petroleum Engineering/Production Technology support for an Oil Field development in the Gulf of Thailand. The field has been in production for the last 6 ½ years and production optimisation opportunities as well as future development plans are currently being evaluated.

The main development challenges are related to:

  • Daily production monitoring and well performance optimisation
  • Water management for the existing primary reservoir
  • Identifying the optimum development well completion design for the other multiple, stacked reservoirs encountered in the field
  • Injection well performance analysis and optimisation of water disposal / injection rates for the field

iProdTech will conduct a review of existing wells (both producers and injectors) using defined Produce the Limit and Integrated Asset Modelling methodology, completion design for the future development wells with focus on new or emerging technologies to address the development challenges listed above.