Integrated Asset Modelling and Artificial Lift Evaluation for an Offshore Oil Field

iProdTech had been requested to assist in the development of an Integrated Asset Model for an Oil Field offshore East of Shetlands. The integrated model is intended to be used as a tool for verification of the facility design throughout life of field, with the ability to evaluate the following sensitivities to further optimise the field development plan.

  • Subsea pipeline and riser sizes
  • Daisy chaining of drill centres or otherwise
  • Alternative completion designs, e.g. different tubing / casing sizes
  • Alternative HSP designs
  • Impact of poor water injection performance

Petroleum Experts’ RESOLVE software was used to couple a PROSPER/GAP model of the wells and production system to a Schlumberger Eclipse reservoir model. The model consists of 15 HSP producers. Water injection wells are being included in the Eclipse model at this stage running with assumed maximum rate / maximum pressure boundary conditions. A separate model of the power fluid injection system was also built to validate available power fluid injection pressures.