Sand Failure Assessment for a Field Development Study

iProdTech have been requested to provide production technology support to a field development study for a gas / condensate field in the North Sea. A focus area that has been identified for the project is an early high level assessment of the potential for sand failure and solids production which may lead to the requirement for downhole sand control to be included in the completion basis of design.

The scope of work includes –

  • Develop formation strength model based on log data and strength correlations
  • Develop in-situ stress model from analysis of density logs, FIT/LOT/XLOT, relevant borehole data, etc.
  • Conduct sanding assessment using semi-empirical North Sea sand failure model (previously utilised on existing fields in the North Sea)
  • Calibrate/verify sand prediction models against any sand production data (e.g. from well tests)
  • Provide probabilistic assessment of sand failure and sand production over well life cycle for selected generic production well types