Integrated Asset Modelling Support to Major Oil & Gas Cos.

iProdTech has commenced long term support to two major oil & gas companies in projects involving construction of integrated asset models and field management workflows. One of the projects include global support to implementation of integrated asset models in all the operated fields within the company. The second project is related to maintenance of the Integrated Field Management (a Petroleum Experts application) system for production surveillance in an oil field in West Africa.

iProdTech has developed several bespoke workflows in IFM which facilitate QA/QC and validation of well/network models and automation of process which make use of the models. As examples,

1. Workflow for well model calibration – a generic workflow which can be used to match any well model to well test data by applying ranges to uncertain parameters

2. Workflow for QC of pipeline models – an independent workflow which can be run to compare the pipeline models in a network to measured data as well as identify flow assurance issues e.g. wax/hydrates

3. Workflow for erosion calculations – a workflow which makes use of the well models to identify erosion risk in the downhole completion or wellhead equipment.