Production Technology Support during Pre-FEED for a Subsea Oil Field Development

iProdTech have been requested by a major E&P company to provide production technology support for a deepwater, subsea field development in the West of Shetlands. The work is required to support internal toll gate decisions in preparation for FEED studies planned to be commenced early 2015.

The scope of work includes the following –

  • Artificial lift screening and selection. Techniques to be evaluated at an initial pre-feasibility design level include natural flow, gas lift, ESP, HSP, hydraulic jet pump and seabed multiphase pumping. High level estimates of performance, costs, reliability, availability and power requirements are to be determined.
  • Coupled reservoir, well and network asset modelling for evaluating various subsea system and development concepts.
  • Sand control screening and selection based on available data with respect to particle size distribution, formation and fluid properties/characteristics, wellbore conditions and required production performance.
  • Conceptual completion design for production and injection wells considering various reservoir penetrations types, intelligent well options and other inflow control systems for water and gas management (including ICD and AICD technologies).
  • Analysis of well operating envelopes and life of well performance and reliability estimates.
  • Production chemistry / flow assurance health-check including review of scaling, emulsion, wax, asphaltenes & hydrate potential and a high level review of corrosion and materials selection for the field development.
  • Review of potential emerging technologies including subsea separation / processing, downhole separation and injection, subsea multiphase metering and sand detection, sandface data acquisition including tracers and fibre optic technology, and solid inhibitors within gravel pack or sandface completion.