Development of a Sand Management Strategy

iProdTech have recently concluded a study with a major oil and gas operator supporting the development of a Sand Management Plan for an asset comprising of multiple oil and gas fields, and over 300 wells. This project was a continuation of work conducted in 2013 for a neighbouring asset and utilised the same methodology.

The methodology adopted for the development of the Sand Management Plan included –

  • Review of historical sand production data and sand related integrity / well performance incidents. Data review included workover/well intervention records, sand meter (acoustic/intrusive) readings, wellhead sand sampling records, historical UT/NDT records, choke damage/replacement, well and facility integrity databases.
  • Developing a Sand Impact Matrix to provide a total risk score per well based on sanding likelihood score related to historical sand events, sand face completion type, production deferment and HSSE exposure risk.
  • Contribution to the High Level Risk Assessment by the operator which includes integrating with the Sand Impact Matrix to derive high, medium and low risk categories for all the wells in the asset, definition of the mitigation strategies for various well categories, and a closure plan to ensure compliance in future well operations.