Artificial Lift Selection Study

iProdTech had been requested by a global E&P company to conduct an artificial lift concept selection study for an onshore field development in East Africa. The study has been undertaken with the following specific objectives:

  • Assess available artificial lift methods and identify those suitable for early phase, mid-life and end of well life scenarios for various well types.

  • Conduct a review of available artificial lift technologies currently on the market.

  • Recommend suitable artificial lift method(s) for field-wide implementation based on a technical/commercial analysis, bearing in mind the range of capital and operating expenses associated with each over the life of the fields e.g. data acquisition, flow assurance.

  • Provide input to subsequent study for a more detailed component wise functional design for tendering activity i.e. definition of technical specifications and functional requirements.

iProdTech uses a structured approach for artificial lift selection. This process can be broadly divided into three key steps:

  • Screening – High level evaluation of a wide range of AL techniques and elimination of any obviously unsuitable lift techniques according to the field characteristics

  • Modelling and Forecasting – Detailed modelling of the shortlisted lift techniques, evaluation of impact on recovery and plateau production and identification of highest ranking lift techniques.

  • Selection – Develop CAPEX/OPEX estimates for high ranking lift techniques, include reliability factors and work with the client’s economics team to generate life of field cash flow to identify preferred field development options.