Well Performance Modelling

iProdTech have been requested to provide assistance in well performance analysis and workover planning for artificial lift installation in an onshore oil field in the Middle East.

The reservoir is a fractured carbonate with some 1,000 m vertical thickness with a compositional gradient in the reservoir (oil at the crest of 20 deg API and 10 cP viscosity and oil at the OWC having 10 deg API and 40-50 cP viscosity) which needs to be considered in the PVT characterization. The field has high H2S and CO2 content. Most of the wells are currently on natural flow however as pressure in the reservoir would deplete, there will come a point when the wells can no longer flow naturally and artificial lift will be required. Interventions are therefore being planned to install ESPs.

To assist with workover planning, the operator has been developing PROSPER models of the wells in order to forecast when artificial lift will be required. They also intend to complete a GAP network model of the field to be used for various optimisation, forecasting and field planning activities.

iProdTech have been requested to assist them in calibrating the wells models to the available test data. The scope of work covers an initial pilot phase of well modelling focussing on a limited number of wells which have the most reliable test data. Following successful analysis of these wells, the scope could be enhanced to include development of the full field model.