Integrity Management Support for North Sea Fields of a Global E&P Company

Towards the end of 2012, iProdTech had been requested to support a global E&P company to help them address solids production, predominantly from their propped fracture wells. There are some known and many potential reasons for proppant back production, and surveillance is planned to help identify root causes. In the meantime, following integrated collaboration, the focus will be on solids management to:

  • Eliminate loss of containment;
  • Reduce facilities downtime;
  • Reduce solids production where possible through well intervention.

The workplan to implement these changes is currently being prioritised on a cost/value basis and includes:

  • risk ranking the wells;
  • development of Well Books;
  • optimisation, upgrade, QA and integration of current solids monitoring, removal and handling;
  • competency development;
  • clarification of roles and responsibilities;

well interventions.