Wells’ Review for an Onshore Gas Field

iProdTech has been requested for a review of gas wells in an onshore field in South East Africa involving analysis of historical production performance , identification of opportunities for realising additional potential and risk assessment of possible intervention methods.

The objectives of this study are as follows:

  • Develop a concise summary of individual well history and production performance (Well Databook)
  • Update single well (PROSPER) and any available network model (GAP) to latest field conditions
  • Update well models and develop Openserver workflows to provide a technique for automated identification of the value / potential production increment associated with remediation / intervention opportunities
  • Determine value and/or additional potential:
    • from behind pipe opportunities in conjunction with discussions with the subsurface teams
    • locked in potential / existing system ‘choke’ points / production optimisation opportunities
    • remediation options for issues such as liquid loading, near wellbore formation damage, and other mechanical wellbore issue
  • Examine intervention methods to realise the additional potential
  • Recommend candidates for well intervention
  • Risk rank the various interventions methods selected for remediation for each well
  • Detail the possible well intervention strategy, identifying the pros and cons for each strategy
  • Rank wells based on the chance of well intervention success and production / reserves enhancement
  • Qualitative risk assessment for each intervention method in a potential workshop format with subsurface team