Integrated Asset Modelling and Production Optimisation of an Offshore Oil Field

iProdTech have been requested to assist in production optimisation of a gas lifted oil field with water injection support, located in the North Sea. In order to understand the production network performance, an integrated asset model will be built which will then be used to assess benefit of incremental activities including infill and workover operations in the field.

The scope of work includes the following –

  • Construction of an integrated asset model
    • Construction of well models
    • Construction of network model
    • Update of an existing material balance model
  • Run Sensitivities on base case model
    • Gas lift optimisation scenarios
    • Well routing options
  • Run sensitivities with further development of the field
    • Sensitivity with further development of the field Incremental production with workover of two existing wells, drilling of two new wells and drilling of water injector
    • Incremental production with increased water injection to the field to raise reservoir pressure and remove need for gas lift