Big Bore Completion Review

iProdTech recently completed a review of the planned sand face completion technology for an offshore gas field located off the South American coast. The study was commissioned by an E&P company based in Europe. The study was undertaken with the following key objectives identified:

  • Confirm whether the existing openhole gravel pack (OHGP) design planned for the big bore horizontal wells is optimal, or if other new sand control technologies should be considered.

  • Detailed design was not anticipated with the focus being on confirmation of the feasibility of alternative technologies, including quantifying the risks versus costs.

iProdTech uses a decision matrix approach as outlined in SPE 88493 for lower completion selection and design. Based on currently available data and this initial evaluation, it has been identified from the sand control decision matrix that the current base case OHGP remains the preferred sand control option for the planned big bore horizontal development wells.

It has however been demonstrated that Expandable Sand Screens are a viable alternative to an openhole gravel pack, providing significant well performance improvement, reduced costs and increased installation efficiency.

It was concluded that the benefits of Expandable Sand Screen technologies warrant further detailed work to demonstrate the performance through life of field operating conditions and an outline road map to the potential selection of an expandable sand screen has been provided along with a detailed forward work plan.