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Tight Gas Network Modelling

A network modelling project for an onshore tight gas field was conducted for an E&P company based in India for production optimisation and field development planning for future...

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Well Review and Production Optimisation Exercise

iProdTech has recently completed a detailed well review and production optimisation exercise for a middle east operating company for their onshore, fractured carbonate development. The project included detailed review of ca. 30 wells and focussed on artificial lift, stimulation and water shut off opportunities. Historical field, reservoir and individual well performance were evaluated to determine a ranked list of candidates for well intervention and workover...

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Artificial Lift Selection Study

iProdTech had been requested by a global E&P company to conduct an artificial lift concept selection study for an onshore field development in East Africa. iProdTech uses a structured approach for artificial lift selection which includes screening, modelling, detailed design and economics...

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Wellbore Heating Study

A wellbore heating study was commissioned to iProdTech by a global E& P company for an onshore field development in East Africa. The reservoir fluid has a high wax content with relatively high wax appearance and pour point temperatures which are expected to cause flow assurance issues. Electric downhole heating and hot water circulation was utilised during extended well tests in appraisal wells to maintain flow at surface and prevent the oil solidifying when the wells were shut in. Current plans envisage multi-well pads to be used to drill development wells. In order to progress into the Full Field Development, iProdTech services were utilised to help understand the effect of various heat retention and/or heat addition methods...

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  • 22 Mar


Completion Risk Analysis

iProdTech have been requested to provide support in review of completion operations risk assessment process for an ongoing deepwater oil field development. The planned wells include gas/water injectors and oil producers with different levels of complexity – ranging from single zone conventional to multiple three zone intelligent completions...

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