• Since 2008 we have carried out 120+projects for 45 clients in 20 countries
  • Bespoke world-class Petroleum Production Technology solutions, on time and on budget
  • Recruiting: outstanding Petroleum Engineering experts with great project management skills

iProdTech is a Petroleum Engineering consultancy formed in 2008 and based in London. Since 2008 we’ve worked with Oil and Gas companies across the globe ranging from the smallest independent operators to the largest super majors, solving their technical production challenges with solutions that drive their business forward.

What sets us apart in our busy and demanding industry is our uncompromised, independent focus. We’re also proud of our exceptional technical know-how, our ability to deliver on time and on budget, and our excellent reputation – all of which explain our high levels of repeat business, long-term support contracts and new business enquiries.

Our talented team has a combined industry experience of over 60 years. To benefit from that experience – or to add to it by joining us – simply contact us today. 

Why use iProdTech

iProdTech expertise spans the full range of petroleum engineering from conceptual development planning through to production operations. Key focus areas are:

Integrated Asset Modelling

We help you to improve your business planning, production performance and production forecasting.

  • Models are used for short-term production optimisation and mid to long-term production forecasting. We have vast experience in developing full system models from reservoir through to delivery point, considering all dependencies, as well as honouring constraints and the development schedule.
  • Our IAM services have been deployed everywhere from two or three well onshore developments, to deepwater high-rate gas fields, as well as some of the world’s largest fields producing over 1 million bbls oil per day from several hundred artificially lifted wells.
  • We use industry-standard software suites for the modelling of the reservoirs, wells, gathering network and facilities. However, our integrated Petroleum Engineering focus allows us to tailor these models to each client’s unique challenges, which often require more bespoke workflows to deliver the best solution.

Production Technology

We help you optimise production and hydrocarbon recovery, minimise development and operating costs without compromising reliability, operations or HSE.

  • We provide technical solutions from the near wellbore sandface through to the 1st stage separator across the key areas of stimulation, sand control and sand management, wellbore hydraulic modelling, artificial lift, flow assurance and completion design.
  • We carry out this work from the iProdTech offices as either single-discipline (discrete) projects or as part of a multi-discipline team providing fit-for-purpose design.

Reservoir Engineering

We help you make more informed decisions with respect to field development and maximise hydrocarbon recovery.

  • We provide dynamic reservoir simulation models using commercially-available software packages for gas, retrograde-condensates and oil fluid types using black oil or fully compositional fluid models.
  • Our support in these areas often focuses on projects which integrate the reservoir simulation with the detailed well models and a coupled network. We also carry out classical reservoir engineering projects in the areas of material balance calculations, decline curve analysis and reservoir fluid characterisation.

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    Solutions from reservoir through to delivery at all phases of the stage gate process.

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    120+ UK and international projects completed from our offices in the last 7 years.

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    Petroleum engineering workflows delivered on time and on budget.

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